It’s #NationalGetOverItDay- Get Over It!

You may or may not know it, but today, March 9, is National Get Over It Day!  Surprise!  I had no idea either, until I happened to google randomly if March 9 is any sort of ‘national holiday’ (the things you do to keep busy when you’re “retired”).  It is also National Meatball Day in case you were wondering.  Enjoy!

I thought I’d draw attention to this special day for a few reasons:

a) To bring more awareness to a little known about ‘national holiday’: It’s silly, sarcastic, humorous, yet useful and important!

b) Sometimes, I need to really #GetOverIt.   When I’m stuck in traffic, instead of getting stressed and edgy, I could roll down the window and wave at the neighbouring cars (I am still looking for friends here).   If a movie is sold out, pick another one (I could see that random movie that’s always “option #2”- like all of the Oscar-nominated ones! #lookingatyouSpotlight).

And finally

c) As I explore Philly, I find I am running into more and more little things that frustrate me- things are run differently than I’d prefer at the place I volunteer; the grocery store doesn’t have the same organic section I’m used to; not all movie theatres have cheap night Tuesdays; and really, things just aren’t the same as they are back home in Canada.   I need to breathe, let it out, and get over it.  Turn that negativity into positivity.  Seriously, what good is any sort of stress doing for me, or the world?  I think trying to keep this mindset will be incredibly useful as I find my way here in Philly.  Instead of pushing against these differences, I need to embrace them.

I’m taking an online social media class, and this week we had to make a 90 second video- check out what my group made to celebrate #NationalGetOverItDay!

Remember, it’s only spilt milk. #GetOverIt  And remember, wine really can solve a lot of things.


A Bonus Article to help you #GetOverIt!

Happy National Get Over It Day! 

What are some stressors that you need to get over?  What are some solutions that work for you?  Who actually gets to ‘approve’ these national holidays (Meatballs anyone?)?  Comment below! 

Song of the Day: (Former #Idol contestant) Daughtry: Over You



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