IMG_0285About Lost & Found in Philadelphia

Once upon a Canadian, my husband, Derrick found himself a job opportunity just outside of Princeton NJ.  As a family, our cat Peeta, Derrick, and I packed our bags, and relocated to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA as of January 31, 2016.  With this blog, I invite you to share this adventure with me as I try to find my new home, and new purpose, in  Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.  I’ve never lived outside of Canada, and I know nothing about Philly other than what Google has told me.  This is all pretty new!

This is the first time I have “stopped” since I was about 2 years old- I’ve always had an agenda in play, and a community that I was connected to.  Every day here is a new, unexplored, and daunting opportunity that needs to be more than binge watching American Idol.

This blog is a journal of my stories as I get lost and found in Philly.   At the bottom of each post, I include a song that I think captures the feeling of that specific post-experience.  I encourage you to get in the mood, and listen to the song as you read the post.  I invite you to come on this journey with me- come and get lost!

About the Author

Hello! My name is Mike Plumton and thanks for checking out my blog!  I grew up in the friendly town of Norwood, Ontario: population 1300.   I went to theatre school, and then followed my love of community into the world of Student Housing & Residence Life.  I spent 8.5 years overseeing the fun and not so fun stuff in Residence.   I love movies, theatre, animals, and wellness.  My cat Peeta inspires me, and bites me, everyday.  My wonderful husband Derrick makes me laugh and is my number 1 fan.  I also journal my daily life through photos, and you’ll see highlights through my posts.

I’m an explorer- there’s adventure possible in everyday.  Sometimes it just needs to be found.

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