#Donkeys: the Scavenger Hunt

July 28: It’s the last day to find the final 22 (!!!) donkeys.  Contest closes at 9pm.  Feeling focused, I set the whole day aside for this.  I got my emergency gear together, and put my game face on.   I knew the majority of the donkeys were in a more concentrated core area along Broad Street.  I’ll just have to follow my nose, ask a lot of people.   I’m focused and motivated.  I know it’s just a silly scavenger hunt, but it’s become more to me this past month.  It’s helped me stay present in the moment when I’m walking (ie- scouting for donkeys).  I joke about it, but this has truly become a project for me.

36. Louisiana.  Firs one of the day!  Located at the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz, I just stumbled across this one while crossing the street and heading to where I knew two donkeys were. Win!

37. Nebraska & 38. Democrats Abroad.  The 2 theatre donkeys, still hoping to grab tickets for Wicked.

39. Pennsylvania.  So this is actually the Double Tree!   It’s just such an ugly building (bless its heart) and not distiquishable… but it appears to be a major hotel for the DNC delegates.  Also, this is my “I love warm cookies at check in” face.


40. Colorado (this time was outside!), and 41. Alabama (Park Hyatt).  A few Broad Street repeats.   I even caught a selfie with Hillary before she headed to the convention!

42.  Iowa.  The Library Company… It appears that Ben Franklin ALSO founded this!  If American history and culture is your thing, this is your place to go!


43. Georgia. Always an exciting visit with this peach in City Hall.  These folks were looking to interview someone about the donkeys, and boy, did they find the right person! 🙂  This is my moment: an interview with VOA Indonesia.  Be sure to watch out for my 30 seconds of fame Indonesia!

44.Kentuky.  Hotels are hot spots for these donkeys, so I took a risk on this derby horse/donkey and it paid off!  Race and 17th, seeing a lot of security guards, I gathered a) likely hosting a DNC special guest and b) there’s gotta be a donkey.


45.Oregon.  You’re at the Franklin Institute waiting of the amazing Pixar Exhibit!


46. New Mexico.  Loved finding this one, because I also found a new beautiful spot: Logan Plaza. It’s a lovely green space located amongst many city buildings; a perfect place to catch my breath.


47. Montana and 48. North Mariana Islands.  Yet another All American Store featuring a donkey, and another across the hall.  Both are located in the market area of the Comcast Building.  Thanks to the security guards for pointing me here!  What I loved about this one is that I finally got to the see the massive 21,000 square foot television screen in action that I had heard so much about.  Impressive.


49.  Florida.  Just outside of the Comcast Building, I found this guy waiting for a Starbucks. I’m not using this card, so it’s yours donkey friend!


50. Alaska.  One of my most memorable stops.  Not so much that it was my 50th donkey, or that the task require I make a fish face.  The staff at the Sofitel Hotel were so helpful, I met a fellow Canadian (we talked about the weather, of course), and I saw the one and only Lance Bass (of *NSYNC fame) in the lobby.  I paused for half a second, said in my head “that’s Lance Bass!”, but was so focused on my donkeys, that I kept moving.  Regret of day… Next time, pause to say hi, or at least Bye Bye Bye.  Oh, and it’s raining out now.  Pretty hard.  No umbrella in my emergency kit.


51. Indiana.  A repeat donkey that’s not realizing there is still no line to go up top of One Liberty Place.  (it’s beautiful- go!)



52. Minnesota.   ANOTHER hotel in Center City (you’re making this easy DNC!).  This one located just inside the doors of the Sonesta Hotel.


53. Wisconsin (4 left!) and 54. Illinois (3 to go!).  Repeat costumers.  Macy’s and the Convention Centre respectively.

55. California.  Couldn’t stand all the rain, or maybe wanted to be  more front and centre.  I love when they leave a sign though.  To my California friends- the Golden Gate is on the backside of the donkey, but that’s it :).  This is my last repeat donkey that I had found originally.


56. Deleware.  I asked a lot of people about this one.  Police and security guards mostly haha!   Thankfully, a coat check person pointed me in the right direction!  This one is on the Market Street entrance to the Convention Center (now I know there’s an entrance here!) right beside the Hard Rock Cafe.   One. Donkey. To. Go.


57. New York.  Let’s hear it for NEW YORK!  Fittingly, the last donkey on my hunt is located at the base of the FIRST American skyscraper.  The PSFS building, which now is a Lowes hotel.  It’s a prime building and in Philly, still stands tall as a distinguishable piece of the Philly skyline.


I was so wet, but just so authentically happy.  I grasp my phone tightly in hand, and canter donkey style towards the Visitors Centre (where I shall proudly claim my prize).  For my last push today, I can say that 23, 748 steps later  #DonkeysAroundTown = complete.    IMG_9772



July 27:  What did you do Wednesday night?  Hunt for Donkeys?  Us too!


35. Virgin Islands.  Last one of the night, and one I’m most proud of.  We drove around for a bit, asked a security guard, and found it in the Naval Greens.  Props to Derrick for being the best partner and chauffeur ever.  Like Joe Biden said tonight, marry up ❤

34. American Samoa.  So this one is right inside the mile gated off area where the DNC is.  Sadly, I didn’t get to see it but I figured out the scavenger hunt question by a lot of guessing (1900), so it counts on my score!  Thankfully it didn’t need a selfie.  So I took this one.  It’s as close as we could get.  Also, I’m officially on the American Watch List now ;).



33. Utah.  Definitely one of my favorites.  First, we had to go super south Philly to the Navy Yards.  Notice the abandoned ships.  Also, right near the DNC, so lots of security, and no one else. Eek.

31. Guam & 32. Maryland.  Me, you, & Rocky: We meet again.

30. Oklahoma.  Outside the Free Library.  I guess Ben Franklin came up with the ‘first’ library and set the standard that they are free.  There ya go!


29. Kansas.  Logan Plaza.  There’s no place like being boxed in by more security fences and guards (near the Logan hotel aka POTUS Sleeps Here).  Again, rushing, thus blurry- trying to avoid looking like a Russian spy trying to hack emails. 😉

28. Nevada.  We meet again.  So you’re outside of the Logan eh?  What’s not in these photos is the 50+ officers and secret service members, plus the blocks of gates (notice a bit of gate by the entrance).  My guess: Obama was crashing here tonight :).   When I told the security guards I was hunting for donkeys, they just said “keep walking”.   🙂

27. Ohio.  ROAR!  That’s my best raptor face.  The Academy of Natural Science is playing host to Dinosaurs right now in a really cool looking exhibit!  Another place on the MUST visit list.


26. Missouri.  A little blurry (Derrick was parked illegally… oops!).  Outside the Stars & Stripes Co.   Maybe that’s an American store?  Will have to come back in daylight.


25. Arizona.   We were JUST here Sunday but missed it!  Located along the beautiful Schuylkill (Schu-kill) River path.  Seriously, the BEST waterfront path ever.

July 26: Almost halfway!  This morning started at 8am, and 2 and a half later, I had found another 14 Donkeys. All are repeats but hey, I had a lot of fun finding them again!


24. West Virginia.  My last one before heading home standing strong outside the National Liberty Museum.


23. Michigan.  African American Museum of Philadelphia.  This is a place on my to visit list.   And Pokemon Go player-  I see you.



22.Idaho.  Chilling on Jewelers Row.  The trivia question here was what is the person doing on the donkey…  I said Cyclopes. Clearly.  That was incorrect.


20.Conneticut & 21. Virginia.  The first ones to arrive, or last to leave at the Independence Mall Beer Garden.  The sun was just rising and so bright… This was the best selfie I could do.   Th

18. Vermont, a Raptor, and 19. New Hampshire.  All hanging out where its cool (and open!) at the Independence Hall Visitor’s Centre.

16. Maine & 17. South Dakota.  I see you two were too early too for the merry go round at Franklin Park!  Soon, I think it opens… by 10am?


14. North Dakota (Wyndham) & 15. Arkansas (the Franklin).  Two hotel donkeys STILL waiting to be checked in!

12. Texas (Betsy Ross House) & 13. Rhode Island (National Constitution Center)

Even with the doors locked, I (re)found these two!

July 25: During my morning walk, I visited 4 Repeat Donkeys (Donkeys 7, 8, 9, 10)  that I just loved seeing again!  Washington, Mississippi, Massachusetts, and rocking out with Tennessee (SummerFest was closed, but the challenge was take a ‘rockstar selfie’ with it: I did the best I could 😉 )

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11. Puerto Rico.  Not only is Passyunk Square home to this guy… it’s also a popular Pokemon gym.  We fought the big storm to find this one!



July 24: 6 Donkeys Found (1 Repeat, 5 New!)  Not a bad first day back on the job.





5. & 6.  New Jersey AND South Carolina.  Thank you Marvin for your hint, and pointing us here on 13th!    Supposedly this is where to find the best soap in the city, fyi 😉


4. Hawaii.  Aloha!  We’re surfing by the Cira Center (that big glass diamond building).   I’ve seen this one on the skyline, but had no idea what it was called.   I still don’t know what it is… closed on Sundays.   Here, I had Derrick check the map (not cheating 🙂 ) to confirm there were only 3 west of the Schuylkill River: found and found!


3. Washington DC.  Hanging out at a private party just outside of the 30th Station. Derrick hesitated, and I went for it.  As I efficiently stepped around the fence, and zipped over to the donkey, a guy looks at me, then his friends, “I guess that’s how you do it”.  Subtle eh?   ps: AMAZING fun pop up swings here!  Thanks Donkey for helping me find this place!  Will come back when it’s open again to the public.


2. Wyoming.  You were a tough tough one to find.  I knew there had to be one at UPENN, and here it is!  Not in the courtyard, or a famous place on campus… but.  Here.  Shrug!

1. North Carolina.  This one is a repeat, but significant as this is where the Hunt started over once again.