Sailing in a New Employed Direction

I left you all with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of 2018 about what I’ve been up to, work wise. I finally received the ability to work, I’m living the American Dream, and… To be continued… next year. Well… Next year is definitely here! It’s time to officially leave the port of retired life, and head out to sea with the announcement of my new adventure!

For anyone who knows me, I try to be on a plane, train, automobile, or cruise ship any chance that I get. I love the adventure, the focused energy, and the learning that comes with travel. I stumbled into cruising almost 10 years ago when I said yes to a what could have been a relationship ending invitation to join Derrick on a cruise to Alaska. Could this be the iceberg that takes us down? Why would I go on a cruise? To Alaska? Well… I loved it. We made friends, won bingo, visited a dogsled camp, explored incredible ports, and before we got off the ship, booked our next cruise.  And with every new cruise I take, the more I want to jump on another one. Big and small ships. Busy or relaxed options. Destinations covering the world. The food. The entertainment. And with new ships coming out every year, it’s addicting. So that chance Alaskan cruise almost a decade ago lead me to this very moment…

I have joined Expedia CruiseShipCenters as a vacation and cruise consultant!
As part of the #1 brand in travel, Expedia CruiseShipCenters was a natural first step for me while I began forming my own happiness-igniting business Happy Factory. As I am just embarking in this profession, having access to their resources has given me an incredible foundation. I not only have exclusive deals on cruising, but for land vacations as well. Cruising is the fastest growing field in the travel industry, and has become more accessible with so many different price points and options. There’s really something for the cruise fans, the critics, and everyone in between.

For me, I decided that the work I wanted to pursue needed to be anchored in adding value to a person’s lived experience. Being a life coach, and offering trainings based in positive psychology is a key part of Happy Factory. The other part is helping people experience and explore the world through travel, and (what I’m tendering to in this post)) cruising.

Let’s Connect: Whether you’re casually dreaming of your next vacation, or ready to book something now, I invite you to join my 7Seas Club. It’s the official way that I can contact you about what trip you want to take next. By joining, you’ll also be entered into a draw to win a cruise for two, and someone has to win it! Once I have 50 people as part of my 7Seas Club, I will officially become a certified travel agent (I’m looking to you friends!). Please share this post and my contact with anyone who might be interested in cruising or travel. My approach is all about personalized, unique experiences, and working with you to find something incredible that matches your needs and wants. Added incentive: To the 50th person who gets me into that certified zone, I will treat you to an extra bonus thank you during your first vacation that you book with me!

Just visit my website at, and click on the “Enter to Win” banner – it’s that easy!

Breaking down the myth of the cost of a Cruise Consultant and Travel Agent: This is a key piece that a lot of people don’t realize. It costs nothing extra to book cruises and vacations through a travel agent. I get paid a commission from the cruise line. This really attracted me to get into this field. Say a cruise is $1000. You can a) find and book your vacation on your own, possibly get overwhelmed by the options, and need to take care of all of the details and timelines (elements that I love, yet many people dread). Or b) work with me, and I take care of all of those travel details from the planning stage, all the way until you get back home, keeping in touch with you every step of the way. You do as much as you want to do with the planning, or you can simply sit back and relax.

So cruising and vacations: That’s the beginning of the adventure that I’m on. I’m here for you, even if it’s just to talk about what’s possible. Send me an email at anytime.

Yet… cruising is only one element of what I’ve been building.  Check out to see the complete picture of my Happy Factory work.

With love and a cool ocean breeze,
Your Dream Vacation and Cruise Consultant (that’s me!)

PS – Here are some links to information that I think may interest you:

CruiseShipNews– Enjoy inspiring articles and cruise deals – be sure to subscribe and I will send you this monthly newsletter via email.

Hot Deals – Everyone loves a great deal, and we’ve got the best of them! You can even book online and I will follow up to look after the details.

Popular Cruise Lines – Explore the ships, activities and itineraries on these floating resorts.

Flight / Hotels / Cars – Expedia’s entire inventory is also available on my personal website.

First Time Cruisers – A great resource for anyone who is thinking of taking their first cruise.

Song of the Day: Platform 9 3/4 (From the incredible play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child)

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