Through Peeta’s Eyes: Happy National Pet Day

Happy National Pet Day everyone!  Gather your cats, dogs, fish, hamsters, lobsters, and humans:  A lot of you have been asking how Peeta has been doing with his transition, and we’ve heard your call.  Today, I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with the world famous black cat himself.  You will get to hear directly from him.  Peeta Nikolay Plumton Fournier, 4 years 3 months 20 days old, is here to share all about his transition to Philadelphia.


… okay… ?

Maybe he might be better off camera.   We sat down, and this is what he said:

Mike: Peeta, thank you for joining me today.

Peeta:  …

M: So, let’s jump in.  What do you think of the current American political landscape?

P: … (turns head to the left and pauses as if gathering his thoughts)

M: … ?

P: …

M: Good point?


After speaking with his agent, we agreed that Peeta’s story of getting lost and found in Philadelphia is best told through photos.



Day 1: The 10 Hour Drive.  I didn’t pee the whole way.   My Dads had to stop twice!  TWICE. Embarrassing.





Night 1: They left me alone!  PARTY!  Where my Philly Cats at?!









… party….









Day 3: We sit on the couch.  Dad cries a bit, he misses home. I stand guard like a rock.  I must be his rock.  I quietly mock him.  Honestly, who watches American Idol?   Take a shower already.





Day 10:  I’m tired of being his rock.  Leave me alone.   I adjusted 10 days ago.  #YOLO








Day 19: They say sleeping more is naturally part of the ‘transition’.  Bah. Whatever.  I’m fine.  I have a busy life.   Let me sleep.






Day 27:  This Philly water is the BEST!  I will take a mouthful from here…









… and drop it here.  Dad only drinks filtered water…








Day 34: The birds mock me.  I can only watch.







Day 42: The birds continue to mock me.   Watch your back birds.  I am connected.  #FeralCatMob





Day 44: I designed this.  You are welcome.






Day 48: Best part of moving.  The gifts that keep on giving.  Yes.




Day 50: Would you eat dry kibble?  No more of that organic garbage that you feed me.  Read my cat-lips: I want this.  NOW.


Thank you.







Day 60: It’s been 2 months.  I’m bored.

Time to join SnapCat.


Meow is right.









Day 63: My Easter Egg Hunt video went viral with 14 views.  This is my time.









Day 64: My time continues.  16 views.  I needed a computer to reply to my fan mail.  Thanks for having a birthday Dad.





Day 64.5: I’ve actually become a bit of a ‘thing’ here in America.












Philly Street Artists can’t get enough of me. #MoreFamousThanCheesesteaks






Day 71:  Today, I reflect on these last 2 months. Yeah it’s fine.

It turns out that nothing has really changed from Toronto.


Happy National Pet Day or whatever.




(Thank you Peeta for… your words of inspiration!)

Have a pet you love? Share in the comments!  And like Valentine’s Day, don’t wait for a special day to tell your animals you love them.  But if there is a day, like National Pet Day, love them a little more!  Meow!


Song of the Day: Nothing. #micdrop


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