Instead of Pokémon, I’m Catching Donkeys

We’re not talking Bulbasaur here, but donkeys!  All month, Philly has been gearing up for the Democratic National Conference (DMC), which officially kicked off yesterday.  Talk about some impressive speeches, with Michelle Obama‘s being one of the first times I have felt proud to be a (n Canadian) American.   But this isn’t a post about politics, but donkeys!  (maybe the same thing?)

To catch everyone up, 57 donkeys appeared overnight throughout Philly on July 1.  Instantly, the competitor in me made it my quest to find all of the donkeys before they disappear at the end of the month.  The only rule was that I couldn’t look at a map to find them.  I felt recharged again, which was just so refreshing to me.  After falling into a bit of a funk, I was feeling excited to get out the door again.  Hunting for donkeys took me to places I knew, and places I had never heard of.  At the core of it, I was motivated by having a project with a goal, timeline, and guidelines.  It was still wandering… but with a purpose.  Leave it to 57 donkeys to inspire me to get out there exploring again!

By July 14, I had found 31 donkeys, and better yet, I had discovered more of Philly than ever before.   In case you missed it, I created a special page (click here) for my Donkey Project that I would update every time I found a new donkey, including a short blurb about that spot, or my adventures in finding said donkey.   From July 16-23, I was away in Bahamas for a wedding, but I had planned for this.  The final week would be enough to catch those last 26.  Easy.

Not so much.  When I arrived back to Philly,  I found out that my donkey game had changed… and needed to start over again.

The DMC has launched a scavenger hunt running July 21-28 that requires me (as this was made solely for me) to go to each donkey and complete a task (trivia about the donkey, take a selfie, check in, etc… meaning I need to start over).   The more I find, the more prizes I win (including a magnet and t-shirt #bigmoney).  So Sunday, the real game began.  I know where 31 donkeys are and have a few guesses on the rest.  At this point, I am down to a few hours ultimately to find a whole lot of asses.

Below is the original 31 donkey photo-and-terrible-pun summary.  Thank you readers for the comments, clues, and support so far!

Here is the new page where updates of my scavenger hunt will be.   Follow along, and cheer me on! 🙂   Round 2!  Gotta catch ’em all!

ps- I really don’t understand how to play Pokémon GO… I just throw the balls randomly.  Help! 

Mississippi by the river at Spruce St Harbour Park
Arkansa staying at the Franklin Hotel
California being Hollywood near the Marriott at Market & 12th
Maybe a donkey…
No donkey at Geno’s OR Pat’s?!
Nevada gambling on JFK B
Maryland rocking the Rocky Steps
Guam hanging at the Art Museum
Oregon playing at the Franklin Institute
Texas making the (biggest) flag at the Betsy Ross House
Illinois gathering at the Conference Center
Georgia protesting at City Hall
Indiana heading to the top at One Liberty Place
Colorado locked up at the Heritage Center
Alabama hosting at the Park Hyatt
Pennsylvania… not sure where this was
Democrats Abroad acting out at the Kimmel Center
Nebraska putting a show on at Philly Theatre Company
North Carolina in line at Jim’s
Vermont meeting visitors at the Visitor’s Center
New Hampshire at the center of the Visitors Center
West Virginia being a hero at the NLM
North Dakota greeting at the Wyndham Hotel
Connecticut & Virginia sharing a drink at the Independence Hall Beer Garden
Idaho sizing a ring at Jewelers Row
Washington hosting at the City Tavern
Tennessee skating around at SummerFest
Maine & South Dakota in line at Franklin Square
Rhode Island pledging at the Constitution Center
Michigan aamped at the African American Museum of Philadelphia
Massachusetts checking in at the Sheraton

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